I just published the 1st of 4 hot videos filmed during a sadistic session with the slave from DomNation. When they told me I could use this bitch for any type of brutal clips, that he has “no hard limits” I knew I’d have fun, and oh-boy, did I!

In this clip you’ll get to watch me trample this male worm until he is begging for mercy, crushing him under full weight jumps while wearing a pair of evil looking spiked boots. At the end of this video is a little preview from the next 3 videos you’ll get to see from this session!

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Does it turn you on to watch me trample this worm?

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Ass, butt, behind, rear end, booty, tush, buns, cheeks, caboose, padunkadunk

Ass, butt, behind, rear end, booty, tush, buns, cheeks, caboose, padunkadunk


CLICK MY ASS, you know you want to, bitch.

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Do mean girls make you horny?

Then I know you’ll enjoy following these twisted and sadistic tasks while we humiliate you. Not only are we cruel but we are fucking gorgeous. Not one, not two, but THREE drop fucking dead gorgeous blonde Dommes degrade you in this clip. It’s a losers dream come true!

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When Jasmine Mendez and I shrink you down and torment you will it be a dream or a nightmare come true? We have magical powers and are going to teach you a lesson! We turn you into a tiny little bitch, easily crushed under our shoes or smothered under our perfect asses. Now you’ll have to survive off of our foot sweat and toe jam!

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Now for sale, ”All Men Must Suffer” and “Cry Under My Whip Bitch” 2 brutal femdom clips edited into one epic video.

12 minutes of merciless abuse in 2 different outfits, using 2 different tools. One filmed directly after the other, I realized that they were essentially the same video. I used this bitch as my own personal punching bag, abusing him just for fun. Watch me whip him, make him cry, and laugh manically as he sobs in a heap at my feet, covered in welts.

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Jerk Your Pathetic Tiny Penis! 

New small penis humiliation fetish clip for sale, featuring my pantyhose feet, legs and crotch plus lots of dirty talk about how you never get to fuck a pussy like mine because you have useless little penis.

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Does it turn you on when I make fun of your tiny penis?