Are you scared to eat your own cum but want to be a good sissy? Watch this clip! Ceara Lynch and I join up to guide you through the process. First we’ll make sure you’re dressed up, then we’ll tease you with our luscious lips and perky cleavage while we tell you how to get into position and empty your sissy balls into your slutty mouth!

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Does it excite you to think of slurping up your cum for us like a good sissy?


As an evil money hungry Goddess I want your sacrifice to hurt! Go into debt, spend money on me you should be spending on your wife, sell your TV… I don’t care, just pay me!

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Does it turn you on when I make you spend until you’re deep in debt?


Worship the Bikini Goddess, slaveboys! My toned young body in a cute bikini will drive you wild with desire. Worship my perky cleavage, gorgeous ass and long sexy legs as you bow before the Bikini Goddess!

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Ass, butt, behind, rear end, booty, tush, buns, cheeks, caboose, padunkadunk

Ass, butt, behind, rear end, booty, tush, buns, cheeks, caboose, padunkadunk


CLICK MY ASS, you know you want to, bitch.

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Listen up, lowly males. Princess Rene and I are going to break down the many reasons why we hate your cock and balls!

Brats Mock Your Junk

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Do you get horny when we make fun of your genitals?


Which female wrestler looks the best naked?

1. Gail Kim

2. Torrie Wilson

3. Maria Kanellis

4. Rena Mero

5. Ashley Massaro

6. Candice Michelle

7. Reby Sky

8. Mickie James

9. Rhaka Khan

10. Christy Hemme



Which one do you like better?



Which one do you like better?


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This or That: Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson

Torrie by a mile